Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twinkies return!

Americans have made good on their screwed up priorities and saved the Twinkie.  WIBW in Emporia, Kansas, has the story.

Emporia Hostess Plant Reopens, Twinkies Back Late Summer
A company that once laid off roughly 500 employees in Emporia has new life. The city's Hostess plant opened its doors again.

After the damaging blow of Hostess Brands closing its doors last November, the city is now celebrating at that same building.

The Twinkie is back!

The Hostess plant in Emporia is re-launching its baking production, and more than 300 people in the Emporia area will call Hostess, LLC. their employer.
And the final Hostess good news of the whole event - you will be able to snag a box of Twinkies in late summer.
Until then, you can make your own vegan creme-filled snack cakes using the recipe at Girly Girl Army.  Those would probably be healthier for you and return you to your roots as a cook, if you ever were one.

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