Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea and the 2013 hurricane season

ABC News has the latest in Tropical Storm Andrea Drenches North East.

Massive storm causes flooding as it barrels up eastern seaboard.
One of the commenters on YouTube pointed out an inaccuracy in the report.
Ginger is wrong. A teenage boy in Maryland died due to flash flooding. Your affiliate WMDT has more.
I searched WMDT's website and found Juvenile Killed In Fatal Taylor's Island Crash.

WMDT 47 News - Delmarva's Choice
A 16-year-old was reportedly driving on Talyor's Island Road in the area of Smithville Road, when the vehicle hydroplaned, and the driver lost control. He struck a tree and was killed.
The newscaster said that weather may be implicated, not that it definitely was.  Also, she didn't say anything about flash flooding.  That would have washed the car downstream, not resulted in hydroplaning.  I'll be generous and say the commenter was right in general, but wrong about the details.

Finally, as the first storm of the season, it's time to revisit NOAA's prediction of an active or 'extremely active' Atlantic hurricane season this year, which I quoted in Weather and climate news for Memorial Day.  Yesterday, The Weather Channel asked Is It Irresponsible to Predict Entire Hurricane Season?

Dr. Jeff Masters with Weather Undergound talks about forecasting the hurricane season and the difficulties involved.
Apparently, it isn't Dr. Masters' style to make such predictions, but he does seem to be on board with the idea that this year's season will be very active and that storms will be larger.  I agree with those last two thoughts.

To paraphrase Masters, may the steering winds be our friends.

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