Thursday, June 13, 2013

Both parties upset about gas prices as they continue to drop

I have new developments to report since Gas prices falling but still high.  First, both political parties in Lansing are making noises about high gas prices.  I'll give WXYZ first crack with State democrats call for gas price investigation.

Beyond both sides grandstanding over prices (Schuette is the pot calling the kettle black in this instance, as I'll explain later), this segment offers some hope for lower prices, which is already happening.  It also does a good job of explaining the economics of looking for cheaper gas, including giving some good advice about how to go about it the right way.  That final bit, driving from Southfield to the Ohio state line, is a bit of showmanship of its own.  Unfortunately, WXYZ didn't post any follow ups to that drive on its YouTube channel.  Those would have been fun to watch.

WOOD-TV covers much of the same territory in Attorney General warns of gas gouging, but its report downplays the conflict between Schuette and the Democrats in the state legislature and replaces it with a very useful map of gas prices.

Near-record gas prices may decrease soon, but that's not stopping some lawmakers from getting the word out that they are on the watch for gas gougers.
As for Schuette also grandstanding over high gas prices, I described that last year in Eye spy the gas price rollercoaster about to coast down like a parachute.
As for Bill Schuette, who is SchuetteOnDuty on Twitter, I'm glad to see that he is enforcing consumer protection laws. Even so, I'm somewhat cynical about it. After all, he's a member of a party that is a bunch of fossil fools who are in the pocket of the oil companies and who deny climate change. He's looking forward to replacing Governor Snyder when OneToughNerd retires, either in 2014 (early retirement or defeat) or in 2018 (term limitations), so he needs to be enough of a populist to maintain his electability. Here's to his ambitions making him actually serve the residents of Michigan, at least occasionally.
Finally, the gas prices are continuing to drop.  Yesterday, all four stations near me fell below $4.00, although by the skins of their teeth, by selling regular at $3.99.  I expect they'll fall some more.  When they do, I have another video of some real gas-related crime to share with my readers.

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