Monday, June 17, 2013

More gas theft while prices continue to drop

In Gas thieves caught while prices drop again, I wrote about both falling prices and gas theft.
Sure enough, prices dropped some more, as the corner station was selling regular for $3.89 earlier this evening.  Instead of buying only $10 worth, as I had the last two times I bought gas, I purchased $30.  I don't expect prices to drop more any time very soon, as all the rest of the stations I saw were selling above $4.  This doesn't include the three stations down the street; they were out of my way so I didn't check, but I expect they're also at $3.89.
I was right and wrong.  On Friday afternoon, I saw that the three stations were at $3.89.  Sunday, I was surprised to see that regular was selling for $3.85 at the corner station.  Prices did drop.  Just the same, that's the kind of prediction I'd rather turn out wrong.  After all, I'm not speculating on gas with my own money and if I were, I wouldn't have been taking a long position anyway.

Now for the second part of today's entry.  The last installment featured a video about gas thieves being caught, along with my reaction.
I shouldn't be surprised, as I posted Hard times plus rising gas prices equals gas thefts during the last time gas ran up to $4.  Most of that was drive-offs or theft from private individuals.  This time, the theft was wholesale, both literally and figuratively.
WXYZ had another report about gas thieves.  This time, they weren't just stealing fuel, but causing a pollution problem.

Gas thieves cause HAZMAT situation in Detroit

I can add this incident to a long list of local examples of how poverty compounds environmental problems.  As I've written before, I don't have to worry about finding something to write about. Blogging about sustainability in metro Detroit means never running out of material!

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