Friday, June 14, 2013

Gas thieves caught while prices drop again

I concluded Both parties upset about gas prices as they continue to drop with a prediction and a promise.
Yesterday, all four stations near me fell below $4.00, although by the skins of their teeth, by selling regular at $3.99.  I expect they'll fall some more.  When they do, I have another video of some real gas-related crime to share with my readers.
Sure enough, prices dropped some more, as the corner station was selling regular for $3.89 earlier this evening.  Instead of buying only $10 worth, as I had the last two times I bought gas, I purchased $30.  I don't expect prices to drop more any time very soon, as all the rest of the stations I saw were selling above $4.  This doesn't include the three stations down the street; they were out of my way so I didn't check, but I expect they're also at $3.89.

Now for the promised video.  WXYZ posted a video yesterday about Gas thieves caught.

Police have arrested two gas thieves, accused of stealing gas right from the tanks of gas stations.
I shouldn't be surprised, as I posted Hard times plus rising gas prices equals gas thefts during the last time gas ran up to $4.  Most of that was drive-offs or theft from private individuals.  This time, the theft was wholesale, both literally and figuratively.

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