Saturday, June 29, 2013

Duggan returns as a write-in candidate

In Duggan will not appeal to Michigan Supreme Court, I bemoaned the absence of Mike Duggan from the ballot from a competitiveness perspective, but thought the contest was going to be entertaining without him.  It turns out that my giving up on Duggan was premature, as WXYZ reports Mike Duggan running as a write-in candidate.

Mike Duggan says he will run for Mayor of Detroit as a write-in candidate.
While I was wrong about Duggan giving up, I was right about this election being great entertainment.  Pass the popcorn.

On a related note, one of my colleagues passed on the rumor that Duggan was going to be running for Governor.  I replied that it wasn't going to happen, as the Democrats have already settled on Mark Schauer and Duggan's most visible backers were Detroit Republicans.  Now I can point to this announcement and say, "See, he's not running for Governor."

I also gave my one-minute pitch for Schauer, which left my colleague knowing more about him than she had ever heard.  Of course, it helps that he was my representative when I was living out in the country and I met him while he was running in 2008.

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