Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Detroit River fireworks show continues

Last year, I commented on the possibility that there might not be a fireworks show this year.
Based on what I think motivates Americans to act and the presence of the Michigan State Police and Wayne County Sheriffs at the show, I'm sure that the fireworks and parade will continue. People want their entertainment, especially if it comes in the form of an annual civic ritual to celebrate the seasons, and messing with America's entertainment is the one guaranteed thing that will get Americans to act.
The fireworks show was held again last night with a lot of help from the Michigan State Police, as WXYZ reported in Detroit fireworks.

That was a very cheerful report, even though it did mention the effects of the Boston Marathon bombing, as well as the capacity crowd.  Still, things didn't go off as smoothly as reported above, as WXYZ followed up with POLICE: No gunshots at fireworks.

While it's unfortunate that people apparently mistook the echoes of the fireworks for gunshots and ran in panic, injuring others in the stampede, I can take some small comfort that no one was shot and there may not have been any shooting at all.  The security efforts of the police seemed to have worked.  That should mean more fireworks next year.

Speaking of events continuing next year, this year's Thanksgiving parade has already been scheduled.  Take that as evidence that, while Detroit may go into bankruptcy, the entertainment people demand will go on.

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