Thursday, June 27, 2013

90 cents in three weeks

That's how far and how fast local gas prices have fallen, as it was exactly 21 days ago that I posted $4.29 gas in Michigan.  That means that prices have dropped eight more cents since I posted The gas price rollercoaster continued to drop only the day before yesterday, when gas was selling for $3.47 at the corner station.  It took less than a day for that to happen.

When I got home that night, I saw that the corner station was selling regular for $3.39.  I still hadn't filled up my wife's car, so when she sent me out for an errand that evening that just happened to take me to that station, I drove her car instead of walking.  Considering how much I like and advocate walking, that was an extraordinary thing for me to do.  Then again, I think this was an extraordinary price, all things considered.*  I still don't expect it to last, although all of the local stations were still selling gas for $3.39 yesterday.  I haven't checked yet today, but if anything changes, I'll be sure to post it here.

*The current price just happens to be exactly the same as the price during New Year's Day this year, so prices have returned to where they were six months ago.  That's the comparison that makes the current price look really good.  However, it turns out that a smaller version of this price drop happened last year at this time, too.
In Gas price rollercoaster returns to this month's low, I predicted that gas prices would continue to fall. I was right. The price fell from $3.55 when I wrote that entry to $3.49, then $3.45, and ended the month at $3.39.
Maybe prices aren't that unusual for this time of year.  They're still very good.

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