Friday, June 14, 2013

Solar Impulse landing in Cincinnati tonight

In Energy news from California, I left myself a programming note about the journey of the Solar Impulse.
Now that I've posted this story, I'll have to follow up on the rest of the flights.
WCPO has made it easy for me by posting Solar-powered plane on its way to its YouTube channel today.

The Solar Impulse off from St. Louis early Friday and is scheduled to stop at Lunken Airport around 9 p.m. Friday night.
The plane won't be there long, as today's entry on the plane's website declares.
Expected to land sometime after 9 PM EDT (UTC-4), the solar airplane will complete a short 10-hour touchdown at Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport and will take-off the following morning, on Saturday June 15th around 8 AM EST (UTC-4).  Bertrand will complete the final segment of this fourth leg bringing the solar airplane to the nation’s capital, sometime after midnight EDT (UTC-4) on Sunday June 16th.
Here's to a successful final leg of the mission!

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