Thursday, June 6, 2013

$4.29 gas in Michigan

In WXYZ notices high gas prices, I noted that all the local stations were at $3.99.  Yesterday morning, the corner station had raised their price to $4.19, the highest so far.  When I drove past the three stations down the street, they were still at $3.99.  I was sure that the corner station would drop its price to match, as it had many times before.  Instead, when I returned home that evening, the corner station had hiked its price once again to $4.29.  WTF?

It turns out that my little corner of Oakland County is not alone in experiencing record high gas prices.  Grand Rapids is, too, as WOOD-TV reported several times yesterday.

Here's the latest report, $4.29 gas in West Michigan.

On Wednesday, several gas stations in the Grand Rapids area were selling unleaded fuel for $4.29 a gallon, tying the all-time high in West Michigan.
Much of what DeHaan said was excerpted from an earlier interview, in which he also suggested political action in terms of increasing regulation of when refineries could undergo repairs while standardizing which blends they could produce.

DeHaan was followed by Mark Griffin, president of the Michigan Petroleum Association in Expert: Exploring the gas price spike.

Both DeHaan and Griffin expect that prices will drop soon as refineries come back online.  I hope they're right.

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