Sunday, March 29, 2015

D&D alignment charts for 'The Walking Dead'

Full-sized image here.

I concluded Conversations with The Archdruid for the fourth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News by reminding my readers that today is entertainment Sunday and to "watch for a special entry about the season finale of 'The Walking Dead.'"*  As my readers can figure out from the title and graphic above, I'm presenting Dungeons and Dragons alignments charts for "The Walking Dead."  I figured that if it worked so well for Game of Thrones, it should work just as well for my favorite zombie apocalypse show.

The chart above is for the first season.  Follow over the jump for charts from the second and successive seasons along with a special musical feature.

The following is a hybrid of seasons two and three, as Dale and Shane die before The Governor appears, but it captures the character evolution from the first season very well.

Full-sized image here.

Now for some progressively more complex charts that include more characters from more seasons.  This one has four characters per alignment and extends from the first season to the first half of the fifth (This one has been deleted, so here is a standard 3x3 chart with characters up to Season 5).

Full-sized image here.

Next, one that adds two additional categories along the lawful to chaotic spectrum, moral between neutral and lawful and impure between neutral and chaotic.

Full-sized image here.

Finally, one that adds additional categories along both the lawful to chaotic spectrum and good to evil spectrum.  This one seems to be more coherent than the one above, which seems to confuse moral with social and impure with rebel.  I also think it's more accurate in some of its assignments, particular for neutral and evil characters.

Full-sized image here.

To complete the similarity in structure to the Game of Thrones entries, I conclude with a special musical feature, The Harp Twins playing The WALKING DEAD Theme.

Identical Twins Camille&Kennerly play their electric duet harp arrangement of AMC's "The Walking Dead" theme. Original music composed by Bear McCreary.
Enjoy tonight's season finale!

*I forgot that yesterday was Earth Hour.  I'll be sure to post an entry about the event tomorrow or the day after.

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