Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Montly meta: top ten entries for February 2015

It's time for me to recap the ten most viewed entries of the month that I've already posted at this blog's Facebook page.  As I wrote last month, that's a habit worth resuming.

Unlike the top ten entries for January 2015, which was was a very good month for the back catalog, with seven or eight of the top ten coming from previous months, February saw eight different entries from the current month making appearances in the top ten during the past two days, although only six of them were together at the same time.  Follow over the jump for last month's top ten plus two honorable mentions.

The first honorable mention goes to Paean to the power of poop, a Squirrel Case entry.  It was in 10th place with one hour to go in the month, but got bumped out at literally the last minute.  It had 67 page views when it fell out of the top ten and had 68 by the end of its first week.  As a result of two other entries from February passing it during the past two days, it fell from the sixth most read entry posted during February to the eighth.  I linked to it from the second page of comments to What Progress Means at Greer's blog, but that wasn't enough to keep it on the leader board.

The second honorable mention goes to Closure of Northland Mall approved.  When the month ended, this entry had only 39 page views, well off the leader board.  Then I promoted it at Kunstler's blog as the third of three links in two comments Monday morning and it ended up being the one his readers most wanted to see.  As of noon, it had earned 56 page views Monday for a total of 95 page views, placing it then at ninth place overall and the sixth most read of all entries posted during February.  Now, it has 141 total page views, good enough for sixth place during the last 30 days and fifth place among all entries posted during February.  That happened between 10 AM and Noon Monday; things can change rapidly at my blog.

The official top ten begins with Predictions vs. reality for Katy Perry at the Super Bowl, which was left standing at the end of February with 76 page views, good enough for tenth place overall and sixth most read among entries posted during February. I promoted it at Kunstler's blog in response to his comments about Perry's performance at the Super Bowl.  Between Closure of Northland Mall approved rising into the top ten and thirty days passing since it was posted, the entry has fallen out of the top ten and into seventh place among entries posted during the month.

The ninth most read entry with 88 page views as of the end of February was Marche du Nain Rouge, a blast from the past that I promoted at Greer's blog. Not only did it revive interest in this two year old post, it spurred an exchange with Greer that I plan on posting later this month to mark this year's festive expulsion of Detroit's resident demon.

With 92 page views during February, MAVEN to Mars and other space and astronomy news was both the eighth most read entry of this month and the 10th most read of last month.  Both months, this blast from the past got its readership without any promotion outside of Throwback Thursdays and retrospectives like this one.

The seventh most read entry of the month and the fifth most popular among those posted during February was 'Fifty Shades of Grey' tops weekend box office, whips up controversy, an entertainment feature related to Valentines Day.  It got 110 page views in part because I promoted it at Kunstler's blog.  As of this posting, it has gained page views to 112 but fallen to sixth place among entries posted this past month.

I return to the back catalog for Game of Thrones D&D character alignment charts, which came in sixth overall with 112 page views this month.  This entry was also the fourth most read last month.  Both months, it earned its views on its own, either through web search or other sites linking to it.

Corn questions from 'Food, Inc.' worksheet wins the back catalog trophy for February with its fifth place finish overall.  It earned its 239 page views this month through web search, as "food inc worksheet answers" was the number one search term during the past 30 days.  It is also number eight on the all time list with 737 total page views, knocking "Game of Thrones--names, geology, and security theater" off the list.  After being in the monthly top ten every month since October, that comes as no surprise.

The top four entries for February were all posted during the month, beginning with Apocalypse When?  It earned its 271 page views by being promoted at Greer's blog.  I also have to credit Chad at The Hipcrime Vocab, who posted it first.

May Leonard Nimoy's memory live long and prosper was not even on the leader board an hour before the end of the month.  Then I promoted it on the Coffee Party USA Facebook page and it entered the top ten at the last minute, knocking "Paean to the power of poop, a Squirrel Case entry" out.  It earned 396 page views by Noon Monday, good enough for third place with an asterisk.*

I intended Evolution humor for Darwin Day as a throwaway humor entry for the first of a string of holidays.  It ended up being a runaway success, as Infidel 753 on Blogspot placed it first in a series of links, resulting in more than 50 visits, then I promoted it at Greer's blog, where it got at least 33 referrals.  It earned 439 page views by Noon Monday, good enough for second place.

The most read entry for February with 1767 page views is James Robertson ABC's Person of the Week, a story with a happy ending, at least in a conventional sense.  I shared it on the Coffee Party USA Facebook page and it got 565 clickthroughs in 2 days.  Then I promoted it at Kunstler's blog the next Monday.  Not only is it the most read entry of the month, but it's now the second place post of all time, knocking "Ayn Rand on love and sex" out of the top ten after less than a month.

That's it for this month.  Crazy Eddie's Motie News will now resume its regular programming, whatever that is.

*It received about 70 page views between 11 PM and Midnight after already earning about 30, which would have placed it about eighth at the end of the month.  I decided to wait until Monday to allow its potential to play out.  It currently has 401 page views.

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