Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Purim 2015!

For a description of the holiday, read The Metro UK's Purim 2015: From fancy dress to chocolate pastries, here’s why the Jewish festival basically rocks.
If your Jewish friends suddenly start donning fancy dress, eating odd pastries on a seemingly never-ending loop and talking about someone called Queen Esther in the next couple of days, you may be left wondering why.

Well, it’s all to do with the annual festival of Purim, which kicks off at sunset on Wednesday night, offering 24 hours of some of the most celebratory fun in the Jewish calendar.

And here’s why it’s basically one of the most awesome festivals around…
I don't celebrate Purim anywhere else but on this blog, but I'm all in favor of fun holidays and this one certainly qualifies.  Happy Purim!

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