Saturday, March 7, 2015

Time for a Scott Walker label

Chad at The Hipcrime Vocab posted Polical Collapse in Wisconsin last week.
I normally don't talk state politics, but lately you can't go anywhere without hearing that Scott Walker is the frontrunner for the Rebublican nomination for president by running Wisconsin into the ground. Seriously, despite all the corruption probes, Walker's term has been, from a purely objective, nonpolitical standpoint, an unmitigated disaster.
The next paragraph mentioned that "We lost an opportunity to invest in new infrastructure - the light rail money instead went to California and the jobs left the state."  That prompted me to search my blog for posts about Scott Walker and the first one to catch my eye was Why do Tea Partiers hate high-speed rail?  That was four years ago and he has only gotten worse.

More from Chad.
The very specific promises Walker made for job growth were conveniently forgotten (150,000 new jobs!!!). The emphasis on busting unions and holding down wages has - surprise, surprise - not caused the state economy to blossom, and the state is even back in the red, despite cutting services and raising fees, because Walker has doled out so many tax cuts to the very rich.

So here is a list of the most recent hits, starting with a 220 million dollar subsidy to the billionaires of the professional sports cartel while cutting 300 million from my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin...
Read the rest at The Hipcrime Vocab.  Scott Walker has been a busy (and bad) boy.

Chad's post reminded me that now that Scott Walker is a leading GOP candidate for President, I need a label for him.  How does Total Recall sound? It will fit right in with calling Romney Willard the Rat, Santorum The Froth, and Rand Paul Aqua Buddha.

Time for me to find all the relevant entries and add the label.  See you later; I'll be busy!


  1. You could switch Walker and Christie, same failed policies.

    1. Yes, but Fat Bastard has been less effective at getting them enacted and hurt more by scandal. Add those to his being less conservative and he's just not as viable a contender for the GOP presidential nomination.