Sunday, March 8, 2015

WXYZ stories for International Women's Day 2015

Today is International Women's Day.  As longtime readers of this blog know, I love holidays and once I start celebrating a holiday, I never let it go.  I suppose if I blog long enough, half my posts will celebrate one special day or another.  By that logic, since I observed International Women's Day last year, of course I'm going to observe it again.

This year, I present two clips from WXYZ about the day.  First, the #DearMe Campaign.

YouTube is celebrating International Women's Day by letting users offer words of advice to their younger self.
Felicia Day appears in the preview image, but the viewers don't get to hear her speak.  Instead, we get a lot of other web celebrities, especially Laci Green, who used to host videos for Discovery News.  I miss Laci there and am glad to see her again.  As for me giving advice to my younger self, that's not happening here today.

Next, "The Dress" takes center stage again, this time sparks discussion on domestic abuse,

This video reminds me that I had a lot of stories about domestic abuse in my archives, but the same water damage that made it difficult to get precise statistics for Richistan and political news from the second year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News has made it a lot harder to retrieve them, too.  I'd have to go to Daily Kos and look at my posts there under "Science Crime Scenes."  Again, not today.  I have papers to correct and TV shows to see, especially "The Walking Dead."  It's Sunday, so zombies!

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