Thursday, November 30, 2017

Voters Not Politicians explains gerrymandering in Michigan

I've written a lot about gerrymandering on this blog, including some posts that became among the most read of the year.  These posts don't just explain the problem, they offer solutions, such as the one John Oliver mentioned in his segment on gerrymandering, an independent redistricting commission.  That was attempted here in Michigan two years ago, but the proposal went nowhere.  Now, a group calling themselves Voters Not Politicians is trying.  Watch them introduce themselves in Who is Voters Not Politicians?

It's time for fair and transparent elections in Michigan where our votes matter and our voices are heard. Politicians are manipulating our voting maps for their political gain. Join Voters Not Politicians to reform the redistricting process and return the power back to the people!
They explain themselver further in What is Gerrymandering? Borders in Michigan.

Michigan is defined by borders that make our state unique and define who we are. But some of our most important borders have been drawn up by politicians to serve their own political agenda. It's called gerrymandering, and it divides our communities and silences our voices as voters. But here in Michigan, we can fix this and YOU can help. Make your vote count and your voice heard by heading over to
The group has gained national attention are currently gathering signatures.  They've been surprisingly successful, considering they're using only volunteers to collect them, and already have 350,000, well over the 315,000 needed.  Their goal is 400,000.  They're almost there.

I have another video from Voters Not Politicians explaining the proposal they plan on putting on next year's ballot.  Stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, I have a holiday video post planned for midnight to start the new month.

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