Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Good-bye Dez. Hello Snow Bear! A driving update

This past Saturday, my wife and I traded in Dez for a new white Tiguan, which my wife has named Snow Bear.  That means its time for a final driing report on Dez, which turned over 55,000 miles on June 21st.  Between June 21 and October 28, my wife and I drove Dez 813 miles over 129 days.  That's an average of 6.30 miles per day and 192.2 miles per month.  That's slightly more than half the 11.76 miles per day and 358.82 miles per standard month she and I drove the car between March and June and still less than the 7.19 miles per day or 219.42 miles per standard month we drove the car between November 2016 and March 2017.  It's also much less than the 22.73 miles/day and 693.18 miles/standard month she drove it during the second half of the comparable period last year.  Not visiting our daughter in Chicago will do that.

During that same time, I drove Pearl more than 2,000 miles.  In the first update, Driving update: two years of Pearl as Tesla begins deliveries of Model 3 today, I reported that I drove an average of 18.18 miles per day and 554.55 miles per standard month between June and July.  My calculations for the second update, September 2017 Driving update: Pearl, showed that I drove an average of 16.39 miles per day and exactly 500 miles per standard month.  The average of the two is 17.29 miles per day and 527.28 miles per month.  Added to Dez's final miles and rounded to the same decimal points, my wife and I drove a combined average of 23.59 miles per day and 719.5 miles per month.  That's less than the 31.18 miles per day and 950.88 miles per standard month we drove between March and June.  It's also less than the 26.26 miles per day and 800.90 miles per month we drove between November and March.  It's still less than the 24.93 miles per day and 760.4 miles per standard month we drove both cars during the first half of the comparable period last year.  My wife and I are reducing our carbon footprint both by driving less overall and by having a higher proportion of the miles on Pearl the Prius.

As for Snow Bear, she had 264 miles when we bought her.  That means we will have driven her 736 when she rolls over her first 1,000 miles.  That's when I expect to post the next overall update on our driving.  Speaking of which, Pearl should roll over 37,000 miles around Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned.

Finally, Dez, farewell and may you be as good a car for your next owner as you were for us!


  1. Hey Pinku ... reading this posting is kind of remarkable to me, the new VW looks nice, I assume it's 4-cyl. I mean, you traded a car after only 55,000+ miles, and have such low mileage. Cheers to you being able to keep the mileage low ... I would assume that you probably live in a northern town that is more compact and not so spread out(?) I totalled a 08 Toyota Corolla just a few months back, a lady from some small town on the border, drove into uncoming traffic on a green light to make a turn, where she was supposed to wait for a turn signal or yield, she had a large Ford Expedition, I drove into her, tried to brake when I seen her make that move, but it was raining and slid on the downhill slope. I couldnt even get Dallas Police to stop (a couple DPD units drove around us and wouldnt stop), and 911 refused to send anyone, unless there was fatalities or critical injuries. Anywayz, insurance found the lady at fault and they also caught her in a lie, and tried to get an injury claim against me, it never even impacted her side of the vehicle, and was a minor large dent in hers ... my front end and engine got totalled, and I was the one that got bumped up, because my airbag malefunctioned and didnt deploy (just bumped up a little, didnt need hospital). But that car had over 210,000 miles on it (still ran great, I keep up with my vehicles) After insurance paid off, I took the cash and bought a 2010 Honda Fit with 95,000 miles on it, excellent condition, they were in an affluent neighbourhood, had 5 cars, and wasnt using that one, my son in law made the contact for me. But, it's common for me to put about 100 miles in a day on a car, just driving around the metro area (many times even more) I live in Dallas, it's kind of spread out as far as our metro area as far as layout, kind of like LA is, but on a smaller scale (it's about 75 miles from one end of the DFW Metroplex to the other). I do ride the metro rails when I can too. Some times I drive down to Houston for a day only, it takes me about 3.5 hours for a 4 hour drive to there, I drive out to visit folks I know in rural area abut 100 miles from Dallas too, etc. The mileage is low on your new car (probably just sales people at the dealership using it), and VW's are good, so you should have a good vehicle there. I bought a 1993 Isuzu Stylus new once, paid it off in 4 years, and kept it over 9 years, and I put well over 350,000 on it, it still ran good ... I sold it to some dude who wanted to buy it for a few hundred, he lived in Mexico. Later Pinku

    1. We actually put only a little more than 12,000 miles on the car we traded in over three years. When we bought it, it already had 43,400 miles. And, yes, we do live in an inner suburb of a northern city, Detroit. It helps that I live 10 miles or less from where I work as the crow flies and shopping a mile away.

      Speaking of which, I just remembered I have to run an errand before work. I'll get to the rest of your comment when I get home.