Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Noah and Meyers take closer looks at what Colbert calls 'the national emergency we didn't need'

It's time to do for the national emergency President Trump declared on Friday what I did for the polar vortex, Howard Schultz running for president, and the State of the Union Address, let the late-night talk show hosts explain it with jokes.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah aired first, so I begin with Trump Admits There’s No Emergency While Declaring a National Emergency.

President Trump takes the urgency out of national emergency and turns an already bizarre press conference into a full-blown singalong.
Trump's sing-song delivery of the likely course of events was both the smartest thing he said during his speech last Friday and the funniest.  All three of the late night talk show hosts made fun of it, as well as Alec Baldwin on SNL.  However, they all made different jokes about it and I think Noah had the best take, if not the funniest.  Trump might actually understand ideas better and make more sense trying to explain them if he sings them.

Next, Stephen Colbert titled his monologue on The Late Show The National Emergency We 'Didn't Need'.

In a strange and incoherent appearance in the Rose Garden, the President declared both victory and emergency. At the same time.
Colbert's right; I couldn't tell which of his list of silly things he rattled off was real and which he made up for comic effect.  That's the kind of news environment we're in.

Speaking of the news environment, Seth Meyers on Late Night did his best to analyze the situation in Trump Undercuts His National Emergency Declaration: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump declaring a national emergency and spending a weekend lashing out at critics.
Meyers might be right about any Democrat who replaces Trump earning a Nobel Peace Prize.  I half-suspect Obama got one simply for not being George W. Bush.

I'm sure I'll be writing more about the national emergency.  For starters, 16 states are suing the Trump administration over the emergency declaration including Michigan and I expect there will be a vote in Congress to overturn it.  Stay tuned.

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