Sunday, February 17, 2019

'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' examines the rise of authoritarianism

The Emmy-Award winning "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" returns tonight for Season Six after a three-month break between seasons.  To celebrate his return, I am sharing Authoritarianism from the Season 5 finale.

John Oliver discusses the growing number of authoritarian leaders around the world, their common characteristics, and whether or not one of them is currently our president.
Yikes!  While I've written about authoritarianism before, most notably in a three-part response to Greer's series on Fascism, I haven't mentioned the term since 'Putin's Revenge' on Frontline: Looking forward to next year's Emmys 3.  It was about time I examined it again.

Speaking of examining something again, I'm not done with the season finale of "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver."  I plan on posting a follow-up to 'Last Week Tonight' on the now-dead Sinclair-Tribune merger and long-dead Warren G. Harding, a double Emmy nominee for Presidents Day.  Stay tuned.

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