Monday, February 18, 2019

'The Wax and the Furious' from 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' for Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day!  I foreshadowed how I would celebrate today at the end of 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' examines the rise of authoritarianism, when I told my readers to "stay tuned" because "I plan on posting a follow-up to 'Last Week Tonight' on the now-dead Sinclair-Tribune merger and long-dead Warren G. Harding, a double Emmy nominee for Presidents Day."  I concluded that entry by writing "I can't wait to see what he does with the other four presidents."  I got my wish in The Wax and the Furious.

Warren G. Harding and his posse of presidential wax statues team up with Armie Hammer and Russell Crowe to pull off the greatest jockstrap heist of all time.
That was even more hilarious than the original.  I hope it earns an Emmy nomination, too.

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