Sunday, April 26, 2020

SNL at Home on last week's coronavirus news

I wasn't sure what I would write about for this week's Sunday entertainment feature, but I woke up this morning and decided to return to something I haven't done since February's SNL satirizes New Hampshire Democratic Debate, Iowa Caucuses, and impeachment acquittal, see what SNL had to say about our current situation.  So, here are the takes the Emmy-winning variety sketch program had on coronavirus misinformation and the Operation Gridlock protest in Lansing, beginning with Dr. Anthony Fauci Cold Open starring Brad Pitt.

Dr. Anthony Fauci (Brad Pitt) addresses the public to decipher the coronavirus misinformation President Trump has been spreading.
It's not every Saturday an Oscar-winning actor delivers the cold open for SNL.  I think he did a great job, particularly after he took off the wig and glasses and delivered a sincere thanks to the people keeping society going during the lockdown.

Weekend Update Home Edition: Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant continued looking at misinformation and transitioned into Operation Gridlock.

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like Trump’s comments about potential COVID-19 treatments and stay-at-home order protests.
#DontDrinkBleach is more direct than #TidePodPresident, but I got a kick out of calling what Trump suggested the Tide Pod challenge.

Continuing with SNL's take on Operation Lockdown, here's Cecily Strong in Message from Gov. Whitmer

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer (Cecily Strong) has some safety tips for people protesting stay-at-home orders.
Strong could have used a fuller wig, but otherwise her performance was perfect.  Governor Whitmer should be flattered that she is important enough to be lampooned on SNL.

That's it for the Sunday entertainment feature, which makes me feel better at the news by making me laugh at it.  I hope it has the same effect on my readers.  Stay safe at home, everyone!


  1. Being from Michigan -- I'm proud. We may be able to open our beaches safely before Florida, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina can. We made our sacrifices earlier than most, and we will be back to normal faster. Here's to selling you your SUV so that you can at least enjoy our beautiful fall foliage. But remember -- we all need to outlast COVID-19.

    From a state worth knowing because we are more than Detroit and its awful sports teams...

    1. I second all that you say except about Detroit's sports teams. Only the Lions really suck.