Friday, March 10, 2023

The pros and cons of permanent Daylight Saving Time

Change of plans — instead of observing the third anniversary of the pandemic reaching Michigan, I'm blogging about Daylight Saving Time, which Colbert says "is not helpful and has no upside."* I begin with Efforts to make Daylight Saving Time permanent return from WOOD-TV.

I'm being a good environmentalist by reycling what I wrote in PBS NewsHour examines Daylight Saving Time last November.
I like this summary of the issue, including the history of changing the clocks and "locking the clock" and the controversy over which time to stay on, standard or daylight saving time. It's the latter that is keeping the House from passing the Sunshine Protection Act. Which would my readers prefer? Answer in the comments, either here or on Facebook.
The previous House of Representatives never did act on the Sunshine Protection Act. Maybe the current Republican House majority might pass it, that is, if they make time for agenda items beyond Twitter hearings and other grievance-driven grandstanding.

The disagreement over which time to settle on, standard time or Daylight Saving Time, stems from competing concerns over health, economics, and personal preference. The science usually supports staying on standard time, as "NOVA" on PBS explains in Why Experts Say Permanent Daylight Saving Time is Unhealthy.

The misalignment of our internal clocks and the sun could result in a handful of heath concerns, experts say.
WDIV/Click On Detroit offers a contrary view in Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend: How it benefits your health.

Springing forward may be annoying for some, but the extra daylight we have during Daylight Saving Time can be great for your health and the community. Here's why.
I just want the twice a year time changing to stop. I'll go with whatever the rest of you decide. Just make a decision!

*I found more and better videos for Daylight Saving Time than for the third year of the pandemic today, which is also why I posted ABC News asks 'Who is Perry Johnson?' I'm hoping to see more videos about three years of COVID-19 in the U.S. tomorrow, which is the actual third anniversary of the WHO declaring it a global pandemic. Stay tuned to see if that happens.


  1. I just want the twice a year time changing to stop. I'll go with whatever the rest of you decide. Just make a decision!

    That's exactly how I feel. Just make this idiotic twice-a-year clock-changing stop. If there are any activities that are inconvenienced thereby, they can just adjust their start and finish times for part of the year -- start the school day at 9:00 AM instead of 7:00 AM for a few months, for example. Making everybody in the country change their clocks to accommodate those cases is like a restaurant stirring your drink by putting the entire building on rollers and spinning it around instead of just shaking the drink container.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I second your emotions and enjoyed your analogy. That written, be careful; it might give people ideas!

    2. Thanks for linking to this entry and welcome to all of your readers coming here from Link round-up for 12 March 2023! Thank you for stopping by! Also, welcome and thanks to all my Swedish, Hong Kong, and other international readers! I appreciate your page views!