Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy 50th Anniversary to Star Trek from the actors, NASA, and the Planetary Society

I've already celebrated "Star Trek"'s 50th anniversary with coins and stamps, but today is the 50th anniversary of the airing of the first episode, "The Man Trap" on September 8, 1966, so I'm going to celebrate again with three videos from the show itself, NASA, and the Planetary Society.

First, Star Trek Legends Wish The Series A Happy 50th Anniversary from Star Trek's own YouTube channel.

Starfleet's own William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, Michael Dorn, and Scott Bakula offer greetings for the golden jubilee.
An actor from every series!

Next, it's Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek from NASA.

In recognition of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary NASA wishes the entire Star Trek family a happy anniversary. Thanks for the inspiration, Live long and prosper.
We've seen the actors and the scientists.  Now to put both of them together with the fans in The Planetary Post - Star Trek's 50th Anniversary at Comic-Con 2016 with Robert Picardo from the Planetary Society.

This month, we're on the floor at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek's first televised episode.

In this episode, Robert Picardo gives Star Trek fans a pop quiz to test their space science knowledge. And, for fairness, he asks space science experts to boldly go and test their Star Trek trivia knowledge. Robert also hosts a panel discussion about the relationship between Star Trek and NASA with some of the greatest minds at NASA.
Looks like the scientists do better with the "Star Trek" questions than the fans do with science.  On the other hand, it's good to see that "Star Trek" has been so inspirational to scientists, including me.


  1. Let us make sure history remembers the name... USS Lollipop.

    It's a good ship.

    1. That's a good 50th anniversary post, even if it is a bit silly. Then again, if it weren't, it wouldn't be so you!

  2. The town of Ticonderoga has a festival called Trekonderoga. The founder is also an Elvis performer. From galaxies far away to the heart of the Adirondacks.

    1. I looked at the site and decided the con would better be named Tackyconderoga.

    2. As I said, he is an Elvis or Elvii or whatever they are.

    3. As I said, he is an Elvis or Elvii or whatever they are.

    4. Yes, he is that. However, I looked him up and he actually has legitimate connections to the franchise, albeit as an intern to ST:The Next Generation TV series and as an extra in the J.J. Abrams Trek movie. I'll give him a pass from now on about his tackiness.