Thursday, September 1, 2016

That 'alien signal' is likely a false alarm

It's been exciting lately for fans of science fiction becoming true.  Last week, I reported on the discovery of the nearest extrasolar planet in Did we just discover Wunderland? No, Moiroi.  This week, the possiblity that we may have evidence of a technological alien civilization was in the news. CNN has the story in Radio signal sparks alien life speculation.

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Miles O'Brien about a signal from a sun-like star, sparking speculation of alien life.
O'Brien isn't the only one expressing skepticism.  So are Vox and Wired.  Looks like a false alarm.  Darn.  Like Anderson Cooper, I'm just a little disappointed.


  1. good for them. I was worried the aliens were going to see Trump's ugly mug 4000 light years from now.

    1. If anyone is there, they'll see "Trump's ugly mug" 94 years after it was first broadcast. That's going to be 2075, 94 years after the earliest record of him on television. According to IMDB, that was in a 1981 episode of "The Jeffersons." However, he might show up earlier on a New York newscast. It could be as early as 1973, the first time he was mentioned in the New York Times. Yes, Trump has been famous that long.