Friday, September 9, 2016

North Korea tests fifth nuclear device

During the past five plus years, I haven't blogged about either North Korea or nuclear proliferation much.  In fact, the last time I posted about North Korea, it was in the context of Dr. Evil airing his grievances for Festivus.  As for nuclear proliferation, I had good news the last time I mentioned it in Iran nuclear deal eases fear premium.  Unfortunately, today does not bring good news, as CNN reports North Korea claims successful test of nuclear warhead.

North Korea has hit the button on its fifth and potentially most powerful nuclear test, claiming to have successfully tested a nuclear warhead. CNN's Steven Jiang reports.
For more, read the story on CNN's site.

This is the third nuclear test by North Korea since I began this blog and the fifth in the country's history.  I ignored the other two, so I guess the third time is a charm.  Besides, I should be covering this story.  As I wrote in Hiroshima 70 years later, "for a blog about the collapse of civilization to ignore the beginning of the time when nuclear weapons were feared and expected to be the most likely cause of the end of civilization would be a shameful act of neglect.  Under the guise of 'better late than never,' I'm avoiding this dereliction of my duty as a doomer blogger by" reporting on this test.  Thanks to Kim Jong Un, who I jokingly call "Kim Young One," I'm now paying attention.  I'm not particularly grateful.

While I take North Korea's nuclear threat seriously, I don't take "Kim Young One" himself that seriously, so I'm going to have some fun at his expense with the assistance of Skyy the Tipsy Bartender.  Follow over the jump.

Kim Jong-Un Nuclear Bomb Shot - KelseyDarragh - Tipsy Bartender

We invited Kelsey over to try our most difficult shot ever; THE KIM JONG-UN NUCLEAR BOMB SHOT! To make this shot we blended some of McDonalds' most popular menu items; a Big Mac, Fries, Milkshake, BBQ Sauce, Diet Coke and then added vodka. Kelsey Darraugh is a youtuber and a friend of the show. Enjoy!
1 Big Mac
1 McDonald's Large Fries
1 McDonald's Tangy BBQ Sauce
1 McDonald's Milk Shake (Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla mixed)
1 McDonald's Apple Pie
Lots of Vodka
That thing looks more disgusting than the Finals Week Bomb I featured in An entire college drinking and eating experience in one glass.  Yuck!  It's certainly what "Kim Young One" deserves!


  1. I'm trying to imagine what that drink would taste like. It does sound like the drink to have while waiting for the end of the world, tho. Thanks KJ1 for inspiring such a disgusting, but all-American alcoholic invention and for being the psychopathic little knucklehead you are. Cheers!

    1. Kelsey's description of it as drinking someone else's vomit wasn't graphic enough? Just the same, I agree with you about its appropriateness for "Kim Young One." BTW, the drink was such a success in terms of reaction, if not potability, that Tipsy Bartender posted another video featuring it a year later. I have that in reserve for another test.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! This is even more ironic than the other entry you left this spam on. It stays.

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