Friday, September 30, 2016

'Twice Born: Stories From The Special Delivery Unit' Emmy winner for Outstanding Science and Technology Programming

I concluded 'The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements' Emmy winner for Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design by telling my readers to "Stay tuned for the final entry of the month, which I plan to be about the Science and Technology Programming winner, 'Twice Born: Stories From The Special Delivery Unit.'"  To that end, I share the series trailer from PBS.

Witness groundbreaking medical procedures in this intimate look at fetal surgery.
For the rest of the clips, watch the playlist on PBS's YouTube channel. Expect to spend about an hour, as there are 17 of them.

After watching that trailer, I can see and feel why it won over the rest of the field, which were all also from PBS -- Independent Lens: "American Denial," NOVA: "The Great Math Mystery," NOVA: "Dawn of Humanity," and NOVA: "Inside Einstein's Mind." I might revisit some of these, particularly "Dawn of Humanity" and "American Denial." The first looks like something I could use for my teaching, while the second appears to be quite on-topic for this blog.

That's it for September. Stay tuned for a post for a new month at midnight Eastern Daylight Time.

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