Monday, October 29, 2018

Polygon explains creepypasta as 'negative nostalgia'

I concluded Polygon explains how climate change is changing horror by writing "There are two other videos in this series that have serious enough social themes that I am thinking of writing posts about them, too.  Stay tuned."  Here is one of them, Creepypasta and the Psychology of Negative Nostalgia

The most popular creepypasta are about retro cartoons and video games, like Candle Cove and BEN Drowned. But why are we so obsessed with turning childhood media into nightmare fuel?
The answer appears to be negative nostalgia, "re-writing our past to be miserable and broken, because it creates continuity with our present," making "it seem like things were always bad and always will be."  Yikes!  As Jenna Stoeber says, "it's a profoundly hopeless stance."  As a Crazy Eddie, who wants to think there is a good solution, even if there is no guarantee it will happen, I find that distressing.  I like to offer some hope as a response to all the doom.*  Accepting doom without hope is too much for me.

As for nostalgia, I'm with Van Morrison.

*The third video is about zombie stories as being about hope in the apocalypse.  I plan on posting it, but not tomorrow.  Instead, look for a Halloween-themed entry about KMart as part of the Sears Holdings  bankruptcy.  More tales of the Retail Apocalypse!

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