Monday, October 22, 2018

Company Man on the Decline of Sears, a tale of the Retail Apocalypse

I told my readers twice to "stay tuned for an entry featuring Company Man's latest video about what happened to Sears, a companion of sorts to his video on KMart, as the latest on the Sears Holdings bankruptcy.  More tales of the Retail Apocalypse!"  I have no need to tell my readers a third time in order to follow through.  Watch Company ask and answer The Decline of Sears...What Happened?

As of this week, Sears has filed for bankruptcy. They'll continue existing but that existence is getting smaller and smaller and it's questionable how long they'll last. This video takes a look the company over the years and how they found themselves in this situation.
I found a personal connection to the images used to illustrate this video.
People seem to love the photo of the Sears at 04:17. It turns out that it's of the Fallbrook Square location in what was then a part of Canoga Park, California, now West Hills. I grew up going to that store. It closed in the mid-90s and moved to Topanga Plaza in Canoga Park in 1996.
I decided to use that same image for this entry.  That store closed after I moved to Michigan, but it was still the image I have of Sears, enough so that the first time I saw the photo, I recognized it as my old store.  I may not have shopped at Sears since I moved out of Whitmore Lake 8 years ago, but I still have feelings for the department store chain I grew up with.

I have more on the bankruptcy and Eddie Lampert AKA Fast Eddie Lamprey's role in it from The Majority Report with Sam Seder, but only after National TV Talk Show Host Day and possibly even after more on "Food, Inc." for Food Day.  Stay tuned.

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