Monday, January 14, 2019

A week of the government shutdown from 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

While my wife and I were watching MSNBC's coverage of the shutdown last week, I repeated my observation that "I could write a post for every day that it has lasted and not run out of bad things to say about it."  She then asked me if I had seen part of a Stephen Colbert monologue about it.  No.  So she showed me it.  It was hilarious.  So I told her, Colbert's next, as I just posted 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' on the shutdown.  After Colbert, Seth Meyers then Jimmy Kimmel — at least, that's what I told her.

Still, she inspired me.  Without any further ado, here's a week of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on the shutdown over the border wall.

"The Late Show" began with Yogi Bear In 'Government Shutdown'.

Yogi and Boo-Boo come up with a solution to the trash build-up that has resulted from the government shutdown.
As a former National Park Ranger, this situation pains me personally.

Colbert then tied the return of his show to the shutdown in his monologue Stephen Is Back, The Government Is Not.

Stephen is back from hiatus. The government is not.
The monologue continued in Trump Claims He 'Can Relate' To Unpaid Workers.

Turns out the government does a lot of things. Who knew?
That was just the first night.  Follow over the jump for clips from the next four.

Tuesday's show began with Bird Box Part 2: The Trump Address.

Your worst imaginable fears get a slot on primetime television in 'Bird Box 2.'
That bit reminds me that I should submit "Bird Box" to the Saturn Awards for Best Presentation on Television.  Back to Colbert.

The monologue continued playing with Trump's address to the nation in Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime TV.

Regularly scheduled programming gets interrupted by irregularly spoken exaggerating.
Next, Stephen Explains The Shutdown With Beer.

Stephen uses beer to show how the government shutdown is affecting craft breweries.
Hahahaha!  Of course Sam Adams had to be included.

Colbert got to the actual address on Wednesday, beginning with Cue Cards From Trump's Oval Office Address.

Behind every terrible man is an even more terrible cue card guy.
Stephen continued in his monologue Trump: It's My Right 'To Do National Emergency'.

The day after he calmly read a carefully-worded speech from a prompter, Donald Trump was right back to rant about medieval tactics and supercars.
I think the "Fast and Furious" response from "The Daily Show" was funnier.

The monologue transitioned to A Border Wall For A Butterfinger.

So Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi walk into a bargaining meeting...
Go get him, Nancy!

Thursday's show opened with Border Walls: The Medieval Solution.

A medieval architect (Adam Pally) gets stuffed after his stone border wall doesn't please the king.
Trump Will 'Definitely' Declare A National Emergency, 'Probably' managed to include all of Thursday's monologue.

The President confirmed on Thursday that he will likely potentially certainly improbably possibly doubtfully absolutely declare a national emergency. For sure, maybe.
Stephen promised Kamala Harris and both delivered, as Senator Harris predicted "This Won't End With A Wall."

'The Truths We Hold: An American Journey' author and Senator Kamala Harris makes a guarantee about Trump's border wall.
Friday's opening segment made fun of Planet Earth II in Planet Washington: The Senate Majority Leader.

This time on 'Planet Washington,' we observe an encounter between the press and the elusive species known as Mitch McConnell.
I've often read and heard McConnell referred to as a turtle.  This is the first time I've seen it done on national TV.

The monologue touched on the cutback on regularly scheduled inspections by the FDA, observing The Shutdown Is Bad For Anyone Who Eats Food.

The government shutdown is having an impact on the demographic known as 'Americans who eat food.'
Friday's monologue concluded by examining a topic that was about the wall, even if it wasn't about Trump or the shutdown, Rep. Steve King: What's So Offensive About White Supremacy?

Rep. Steve King wants to know what's so offensive about white supremacy. Short answer: the 'white supremacy' part.
That was last week in the government shutdown on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."  On the one hand, I hope this week is as funny.  On the other, I hope the shutdown ends.

I may get around to Seth Meyers tomorrow, but that's only if there is no news about Sears Holdings doesn't announce its liquidationFast Eddie Lamprey's rescue offer might just be accepted.  Stay tuned.

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