Saturday, January 12, 2019

'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' on the shutdown

I wrote "I could write a post for every day that it has lasted and not run out of bad things to say about it" in The shutdown is disrupting American science.  I'm not alone.  "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" had segments on the shutdown over Trump's border wall all this week and uploaded a video a day on the subject.  So, instead of writing my own material, I'll outsource it to Noah and his writers.

I begin with the first segment, Noah explaining Here’s What Will Happen if Trump Declares a State of Emergency.

Trump threatens to declare a national emergency in order to get his border wall built, which would give him the power to shut down communications facilities, freeze bank accounts and deploy the military domestically.
The next day, 'The Daily Show' had two segments on the wall and the shutdown.  First, Noah mocks Trump’s Oval Office Address: Sniffing and Scaring the S**t Out of People.

After threatening to declare a national emergency over border wall funding, Trump gives a fearmongering address from the Oval Office, followed by an awkward rebuttal from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.
Next, Noah examines the suffering and damage caused by the shutdown in The Government Shutdown and Trump’s Escalating Wall Gambit.

As Trump’s border wall demands prolong the government shutdown, national parks and federal employees both suffer, and Michael Kosta steps up to make things a little better.
While the shutdown is providing great fodder for talk show hosts, it is messing with Americans' entertainment in other ways, such as the panda cam being turned off.  Americans do not like people messing with their entertainment.

Trump made outlandish and fantastic claims about government workers supporting the shutdown.  Noah and his crew addressed those assertions and more in Shutdown Day 20: Trump Heads to the Border.

President Trump defends holes in a border wall prototype and holes in his financial plans for the Mexico-funded barrier.
No, federal employees being furloughed and working without pay do not support a shutdown for a border wall.

In the final segment uploaded to YouTube this week, "The Daily Show" invites its viewers to a game of Bordersnatch: One Wall, Infinite Possibilities.

Choose your own shutdown narrative.
Trump certainly is playing this game.  He may think it is fun.  I'm not so sure about the rest of us.

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