Friday, May 31, 2019

Tariffs on Chinese imports prompt Dollar Tree to raise prices

I opened Tariffs from the U.S.-China trade war are likely to accelerate the Retail Apocalypse by noting the effects of tariffs on prices at Dollar Tree, the parent company of Family Dollar.
I mentioned in Retail Archeology looks at Family Dollar, a tale of the Retail Apocalypse that "Dollar Tree could get into even more trouble because of the war."
KHOU in Honolulu reported today that has indeed started to happen.  Watch Connect the Dots: Rising tariffs means rising prices at Dollar Tree.

Shopping at Dollar Tree may not cost you just a dollar for long. The chain is about to pass-on a price hike to shoppers. Lauren Talarico connects the dots.
I wrote that tariffs on Chinese goods will cause inflation, in particular increasing inflation by 0.25%.  The price increases at Dollar Tree are a foreseeable effect of the tariffs.

Now I'm done for May.  See you all in June, which is only a few hours away.


  1. Maybe they can change the name to Yuanner Tree! Because that rolls off the tongue better than "Dollar-and-a-Quarter Tree."

    1. LOL. Yeah, but I don't think most Americans would get the joke; they don't know the Yuan is the PRC currency.