Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2018 Boston Crusaders 'SOS' for a drum corps 'Mayday!'

Happy drum corps May  Day!  As I promised yesterday, I'm delivering this year's entry with a different spin.  Instead of posting shows with maypoles or their equivalent, I'm making a pun on May Day with a show about beseeching anyone listening for help with 2018 Boston Crusaders - "S.O.S."*  Here is the official video clip from DCI.

Boston, MA | 5th Place | 94.313

Now for a complete show run-through from Vic Firth Marching: 2018 Boston Crusaders - FULL SHOW.

Vic Firth takes you BEYOND the lot with the BOSTON CRUSADERS as they perform their 2018 production "SOS" during finals week in Indianapolis, IN! ELEVEN HD cameras you WON'T see anywhere else!
That's it for this year's May Day.  At least I managed to avoid what I was worrying about having to do for this year's celebration.
As for next year, I can post videos of 2013 Phantom Regiment with their fake trees, upload clips of 1978 Guardsmen and 1978 and 1979 Santa Clara Vanguard for actual drum corps maypoles in motion, or abandon the idea and return to an idea I've been avoiding for four year, the socialist meaning of May Day.  The first and last ideas have videos, while the middle idea does not.  I rather hope someone else uploads them instead, as I'm lazy.  Anyone, anyone, Bueller, anyone?
"Ferris Bueller" didn't just take a day off; he took a year off.  Here's to hoping that either someone plays the role of "Bueller" or that one of this year's shows takes up the slack.

Stay tuned for the retrospective about Puerto Rican statehood I promised in James Corden, Global News, and Kamala Harris on CNN update gun control for the eighth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

*Just the same, the show still features poles as props, so it ties into the previous theme.

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