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2019 Environmental Media Association Awards update politics in entertainment for the eighth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News

Happy Throwback Thursday!  I told my readers to "Stay tuned" at the conclusion of 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' on opioids updates decreasing life expectancy for the eighth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News as "I plan on posting the next installment in the series next Thursday, when I plan on recapping the top entries about entertainment."  Two entries about entertainment that did not also feature Last Week Tonight with John Oliver made the 40 most read posts of last year and I will tell their stories over the jump.

Before I do, I am updating the topic of serious issues in entertainment by examining this year's nominees for the Environmental Media Association Awards for film and television AKA the EMA Awards.  As the Environmental Media Association Awards page states, "The EMA Awards honor film and television productions and individuals that increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire personal action on these issues."  Here are the nominees along with my comments on them.
Feature Film

Aquaman (Warner Bros.)
Isle of Dogs (Twentieth Century Fox)
This reminds me of the 2017 field of "Moana" and "Okja."  The first just showed the beauty of nature, while the second actually explored an environmental issue.  "Okja," the more serious nominee, won.  I think the same will happen here with "Isle of Dogs" beating "Aquaman."  Just the same, "Aquaman" is getting surprising recognition for its themes, as it was also one of the Coffee Party Entertainment Awards movie nominees for 2018 for examining politics in film.
Documentary Film

Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to Tomorrow (Discovery Channel)
Eating Animals (IFC Films)
Living in the Future's Past (Vision Films)
Unlike the past two years, when “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” and "Jane" were clear leaders, I don't see a prohibitive favorite in this field.  I'd root for "Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to Tomorrow" but I suspect "Eating Animals" has the edge.
Television Episodic Drama

The Blacklist "General Shiro" (Sony Pictures Television)
"The Blacklist" was nominated two years ago and won last year, so I'm not surprised that it repeated.  I am surprised that it was the only television drama nominated, so of course it has already won.  Maybe I should start watching "The Blacklist."
Television Episodic Comedy

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee (TBS)
The Good Place "Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By" (NBCUniversal)
Saturday Night Live "Season 44, Episode 3" (NBCUniversal)
Of all these, only my favorite fantasy television series "The Good Place" is really an episodic comedy.  The others are variety shows, talk in the case of "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee" and sketch in the case of "SNL."  I think the variety shows have an edge, as "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" won two years ago for Coal, which got him sued, and "Adam Ruins Everything" won last year, but that won't stop me from rooting for "The Good Place."
Reality Television

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown "Bhutan" (CNN)
Jimmy Kimmel Live! "Kids Explain Climate Change" (ABC Studios)
One Strange Rock (Nutopia Ltd for National Geographic)
VICE "Engineering Earth" (HBO)
None of these are really reality television except for Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and even the Television Academy considers it an Informational Series, not reality TV.  Just the same, a conventional entertainment electorate would vote for the late chef's show, but this isn't a conventional electorate.  They might vote for "Kids Explain Climate Change," which I included in Noah, Colbert, and Kimmel find the humor in the polar vortex and Trump's 'Global Waming' (sic) tweet.  It was both hilarious and effective.
Children's Television

Cousins for Life "Hot Dog Day Afternoon" (Nickelodeon)
Mission Force One "Sea Change" (Disney Junior)
Peg + Cat "The Compost Problem" (PBS Kids)
No Sesame Street?  I'm surprised.  Other than that, I don't have a dog (or a hot dog) in this fight, but my gut says to root for "The Compost Problem."

That's it for this year's nominees, which I finally covered in a timely fashion, until the first Sunday in June, when I plan on reporting on the winners.  Follow over the jump for the top posts about politics in entertainment from the eighth year of this blog.

The 38th most read entry during the eighth year of the blog was Winners of the first Coffee Party Entertainment Awards for movies from March 18, 2018.  It earned a total of 2223 raw page views between its posting and the end of the blogging year on March 20, 2019.  It had 69 raw page views before being shared at the politics and movie communities on Google+ during the morning of March 31, 2018 and 116 raw page views before being shared at the Join The Coffee Party Movement Facebook page at 9:00 P.M. EDT on March 31, 2018.  Consequently, it is considered to have earned 2160 of its page views during the eighth year of this blog.  The entry earned ~1500 page views in the first two hours and ~2300 page views in the first 24 hours after being shared.  It maxed out at 2040 default and 2134 raw page views on April 17, 2018 and ended April 2018 with 2004 default page views, enough for it to rank as the 10th most read entry overall during April 2018.

Coffee Party USA reposted this entry on its website as 2017 Coffee Party Awards. And the Golden Coffee Cup Goes To …  I am happy to donate the article to them, as it really belongs to the organization anyway.

The 41st most read entry overall and the 38th most read actually posted during the eighth year of this blog was Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King's assassination delayed the Oscars plus 'Glory' from 'Selma' at the Academy Awards from April 4, 2018 with 2035 raw page views by March 20, 2019.  It earned 1337 page views in the first two hours and ~1700 page views in the first 24 hours after being shared at the Join The Coffee Party Movement Facebook page at 10:00 P.M on April 4, 2018.  The entry ended April 2018 with 1948 default and 1991 raw page views, which ranked it 11th for the month and fifth among entries actually posted during April.

Stay tuned for the next installment in this series, which will be about the March for Science and other Resistance events, tomorrow for Flashback Friday.

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