Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Carbon dioxide hits another record at 415 ppm

I last reported on carbon dioxide levels in August 2018, when I posted a graph showing CO2 reached 411.24 ppm at Mauna Loa during April 2018.  Last month, they reached a new record of 415.26 ppm.  That prompted CBS News to report Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit record high.

NOAA says carbon dioxide levels hit a record high last month, a troubling development for the future of the climate. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joins CBSN to explain the significance.
As for the effect of all this CO2, Axios listed this year's temperature records.
  • January: Third-warmest January, per NOAA
  • February: Fifth-warmest February, per NOAA
  • March: Third-warmest March
    NOAA and Europe's Copernicus Climate Service ranked March as the 2nd-warmest on record, while NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency ranked the month slightly lower as the 3rd-warmest March on record.
  • April: Second-warmest April
    April saw a global temperature anomaly of 0.99ºC, or 1.8ºF, above the 20th century average, per NASA.
My prediction that 2019 would be a warmer year than 2018, which was the fourth warmest on record, looks like it will come true, although the planet is not on track for it to beat 2016 or 2017.  Instead, 2019 appears to be on track to become the third warmest year ever.  Welcome to the 400 ppm world.

All of this bad news about the climate is enough to make me share this sign from one of this year's Youth Climate Strikes.

As a Crazy Eddie, I want to offer hope that there is a solution, but I also think this problem requires more urgency.  That the youth are asking for us to panic paradoxically inspires me to be hopeful.


  1. It's possible that humans haven't been recording carbon dioxide levels enough? Plant a few trees.
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    1. I wouldn't be that blunt, although I agree. In particular, I'm surprised that Watts Up With That has gone from denialism to outright conspiracy theory. It's enough to make me dedicate an entire Muse halftime show to the site.