Wednesday, December 18, 2019

It's Okay To Be Smart asks 'will we all eat bugs in the future?'

I can't resist a video about eating bugs once I know about it, at least, not for long.  So when YouTube suggested one to me when I was researching Recycling is broken but it can be fixed says It's Okay To Be Smart, it was a foregone conclusion that I would share it here.  Watch as It's Okay To Be Smart asks Will We All Eat Bugs in the Future?

People say insects are the food of the future. They’re more environmentally sustainable and more humane than other sources of animal protein. Can they really catch on in western diets? I’m a pretty adventurous eater, but I’ve never actually tried edible insects. So when I got invited to an edible insect Thanksgiving feast, I had to say yes. Along the way I learned that eating bugs isn’t really that new for humans, and that this really could be a delicious food we all eat in the near future.
As I wrote in Verge Science looks at the current state of farming insects for food, "I'm glad to see another revival of interest in the topic" of eating insects, AKA  entomophagy.  I really do think insects are a food of the future.  I'm also happy to see someone from Michigan in the video with Julie Lesnik of Wayne State University as the main expert on the subject.  Detroit represent!

It's Okay To Be Smart also referred its viewers to a video by Brain Scoop on eating bugs for Thanksgiving.  I'm sure I'll get to embedding it, too, but only after I post another entry about impeachment.  Stay tuned.