Thursday, November 28, 2019

FiveThirtyEight asks what the Democratic candidates should be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm going to be more serious than usual this year; no balloons and marching bands today, although I won't be able to resist pie drinks for Thanksgiving.  I have to uphold at least one of my traditions.

For a serious take on the holiday, I'm sharing FiveThirtyEight asking What Should Each Candidate Be Thankful For?

The podcast crew play a Thanksgiving-themed game in which they try to guess what the candidates in the Democratic primary are thankful for.
I tend to agree with all of the panel's answers about what their top seven Democratic candidates should be thankful for.  On the other hand, if I were Amy Klobuchar, I'd be annoyed at being left out for Michael Bloomberg.  Even Cory Booker got a mention.  Hmph!

Follow over the jump for a pair of drinks from Tipsy Bartender, as I uphold one of my holiday traditions.

I begin with Pumpkin Pie Bourbon Shake.

This thanksgiving you should try some wild your drink!
I finish with a recycled drink idea, Apple Pie Jello Shots.

Apple Pie Jello Shots just taste so freakin' good!
I'm not the only environmentalist who recycles ideas; Skyy John does, too!  I'm thankful someone else does that and that people are willing to watch and read reused concepts.

So, what are my readers thankful for on Thanksgiving?


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