Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Drum Corps Ides of March for an election year

Beware The Ides of March!  In the spirit of both A Drum corps Super Tuesday as well as Talk like a drum corps pirate, I present marching music with a Roman theme for the double occasion of the prophesied day of Julius Caesar's assassination and the next round of primary elections.

First, a corps from a state holding a primary election playing an appropriately themed program--1998 Phantom Regiment from Illinois with "Songs from the Eternal City."

Phantom Regiment, finishing in 8th place, went on an excursion to Rome in “Songs from the Eternal City.” The show title was inspired by the name given the ancient city in the years B.C., when residents trusted that Rome would endure forever as a beacon of culture and power. Legend was the Roman king of the gods Jupiter god promised goddess Venus that he would provide the Romans with an empire without peers or an end.
Another state holding a primary today is Florida.  I'm going into the Wayback Machine to pull out a fitting selection, The Floridians playing "Vehicle" by Ides of March from 1975.

I now return to Illinois with 2008 Phantom Regiment - End of Spartacus.

Enjoy the music while simultaneously watching both your back and the election returns and remember--we are all Spartacus!


  1. Waiting for the world to end here in the middle of Florida. Either Rubio steals the primary or Trump wins. Either way, I'm surrounded by neighbors who don't know any better. /headdesk

    1. Trump wins and "Little Marco" drops out. I know what I'm blogging about tomorrow, and I bet you do, too.