Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sanders, Rubio, and Kasich campaign in Michigan

Now that Super Tuesday is over and Ben Carson has effectively dropped out, it's time for the remaining candidates to campaign in Michigan in advance of the debates and primary.  Yesterday felt familiar, featuring Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio stumping across the state.  WOOD-TV has the overall story in Super Tuesday survivors focus on MI voters.

With Super Tuesday behind them, presidential candidates are turning their eyes — and campaign buses — toward Michigan.
WOOD-TV had even more to say about Sanders in Sen. Bernie Sanders holds rally in East Lansing.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a campaign rally on Michigan State University campus Wednesday.
MLive reported on Sanders' speech in Bernie Sanders tells Michigan State crowd to fight for change, support him.
EAST LANSING, MI – Young people who participate in the political process can make changes that seem impossible now, Sen. Bernie Sanders told thousands of students and community members gathered at the Breslin Center in East Lansing Wednesday.

Sanders said several years ago people would have thought gay marriage, a black president or a $15 per hour minimum wage was impossible. But these things happened because of a groundswell, not a top-down approach.

"The point is that is how change takes place. Have a vision, be prepared to fight for that vision, understand that it won't come overnight but keep your eye on the prize and we can make extraordinary things happen," Sanders said.
The speech sounds very similar to the one he gave in Ypsilanti last month.  Just the same, the crowd ate it up.  Because of this, I'll repeat my prediction about the primary results--"I expect Sanders to win Washtenaw County, Isabella County, Ingham County, and the Upper Peninsula, but that's about it."  Add in Kalamazoo County to include all the big college towns in Michigan and that should about cover it.

As for what's coming next, I promise I'll deal with the Islamophobia of Trump's supporters mentioned in Springtime for Trump.  I'll also have an article tonight or tomorrow.  The obvious subject is Kasich's phoned-in (literally) campaign event in Ann Arbor, but I'm not feeling it.  I'm more up for debate coverage.  That will probably draw more eyeballs.

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