Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Examiner.com article on Sanders in Ann Arbor

Sanders speaks to thousands in Ann Arbor
On the eve of Michigan's March 8 primary, Senator Bernie Sanders stumped for votes in Ann Arbor.  He spoke before a crowd that MLive estimated at more than 5,700 in the Crisler Center on the University of Michigan campus.

The crowd anticipated Sanders eagerly.  Before he appeared, the Michigan Daily reported the students chanting, “Feel the Bern, Bernie will make it easy to learn; Feel the Bern, Bernie will make it free to learn.”  Sanders did not disappoint on that issue.

“When we think outside of the box, we choose to conclude that we need to make public colleges and universities tuition free,” the Michigan Daily quoted Sanders. “We need to substantially reduce student debt by allowing those with debt to refinance their loans at the lowest possible interest rates as they can.”
More at the link, including quotes from Sanders and Shalene Woodley of "Divergent" fame and a video.  Unfortunately, it's not WXYZ's Michigan Primary Day!

To all my readers in Michigan and Mississippi, vote!

Stay tuned for the results tonight.


  1. hallo.

    too busy laughing at Rubio's misfortunes tonight.

    I hope your night is going better than his.

    1. It is. I voted for Bernie expecting him to lose by 20 points and he wins by 2. Surprise!