Sunday, March 20, 2016

Marche du Nain Rouge 2016--the earliest so far

Yesterday, I promised an entry Nain Rouge.  Today is Marche du Nain Rouge, which happens to be one of the rare occasions when the event occurs not on the the Sunday after the Vernal Equinox but on the day of the Equinox itself.  Until the Equinox falls on a Sunday the 19th, which could happen during a future leap year, this is the earliest it's ever been held.  History in the making!

Speaking of history, WXYZ explains some of it for both Detroit's Red Dwarf and the parade to run him out of town in Detroit 2020/Legend of the Nain Rouge, a variation of a clip I included in 2013's Marche du Nain Rouge.

Stephen Clark reports on the legend of the Nain Rouge, which has haunted Detroit for more than 300 years.
In addition to fires, ice storms, and blizzards, people claim to have seen the Nain Rouge during the 1967 riots and the 2003 blackout and credited him for them as well.

That's the actual Nain Rouge.  Follow over the jump for the fake one who actually shows up every year.

Today, an impersonator will taunt the revelers assembled in Cass Park in front of the Masonic Temple (an appropriate location for this festival).  Here's what he had to say in 2014.

Despite his speech, Nain has a weakening grasp on the City of Detroit.
That was quite a harangue that pointed out the city's problems two years ago.  However, it was a mixed bag as threats went.  On the one hand, 2014 was a severe winter that led to all kinds of economic distress and problems with the roads, culminating in the worst defeat of a ballot measure in Michigan's history and the adoption of a plan that I didn't think was as good.  On the other hand, the bankruptcy was nowhere near as bad as feared, as Detroit got to keep its art and the pensioners kept 95% of their pensions.

As the video shows, the Nain Rouge was eventually routed.  Before that, the revelers had a fun parade.  Watch 2015's event when the celebrants chased evil out of Detroit for another year.

Nain Rouge is the evil little red gnome that is responsible for Detroit's failures. This parade is Detroit kicking the midget demon out.
Looks like fun, but I'll stay home today.

I'll get around to the weekly entertainment feature, but this looks entertaining enough that it will serve for Entertainment Sunday if I don't post another entry today.

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