Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All those endorsements couldn't save Marco Rubio

It's time to be a good environmentalist and recycle two comments from earlier this month.
Paul W.:Stop trying to make him happen, Republicans, Rubio is not gonna happen.

ME: As for "Little Marco," I predict he'll lose Florida and then drop out. If Kasich wins Ohio, then he'll have the establishment/moderate vote all to himself from here on out.
That's exactly what happened last night.  CNN reports in Marco Rubio drops out of presidential race.

Marco Rubio drops out of the presidential race after losing his home state of Florida to Donald Trump. He warned his party not to play on people's frustrations.
All those endorsements of Rubio couldn't put him over the top; no wonder the smart money abandonded him.  Look at all the endorsements as of six days ago from FiveThirtyEight.

All that establishment support may have earned Rubio wins in Minnesota and D.C. and higher placements in a few states, especially South Carolina, but that's it.

Now look at the endorsements for the remaining candidates in both parties, again from FiveThirtyEight.

Hey, look, the Agenda 21 conspiracy theorist is number one--the establishment's worst nightmare!  At least I can be reassured that being an establishment candidate has not done any Republican candidate much good this year.  On the other hand, it's still working for Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, but that's a story for another entry.

Follow over the jump for the reactions from Cruz and Kasich, plus a farewell toast to Marco.

Both Cruz and Trump were magnanimous in their responses to Rubio's exit.  The Associated Press reported Cruz to Rubio Supporters: 'We Welcome You'.

Speaking to a group of supporters in Phoenix, Ted Cruz said his "friend and colleague" Marco Rubio ran "an optimistic campaign focused on the future of our party." Cruz lost Tuesday's major winner-take-all contests in Florida and Ohio.
Here, Ted, have a manatee.

As for Trump, CNN quoted him as saying Marco Rubio has a great future.

Donald Trump speaks to his supporters after Marco Rubio drops out of the presidential race.
Vox begs to differ on that, saying "Maybe Rubio will stage a comeback (stranger things have happened in politics) but at the moment it looks like his life in politics is over."  I fully expect Rubio to pull a Nixon and run again in 2024, when he's up against one of Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, or Gavin Newsom on the Democratic side.  In the meantime, he can be a political commentator on cable news.

Finally, it's time to raise a glass to Rubio.  From Drinks for the candidates in tonight's debate, I share two recipes.
Cuba Libre.
2 ounces Cuban-style rum
4 ounces chilled Coca-Cola, preferably Mexican Coke
Wedge of lime
If you want to mix and drink something more adventurous, how about Tipsy Bartender's Mojito?

The Mojito is classic cocktail that was born in Cuba. It's the perfect mixture of mint, lime, rum, simple syrup and soda water. It's super easy to make and extremely delicious. Enjoy!
1/2 Lime
12 Mint Leaves
1oz Simple Syrup
11/2oz White Rum
Top with Soda Water
Adios, Marco!  Enjoy your (hopefully temporary) retirement from politics when your Senate term is over!


  1. The level of schadenfreude I have over Rubio's fall is tempered by the fact this means Cruz and Trump are still likely nominees.
    No matter what, whoever won for the Republicans were going to be disasters: Trump obviously, but also Cruz's fervent evangelicalism, Rubio's self-serving ambition, and Kasich's tax-cutting and pro-fetus orthodoxy. All of them are disasters on government, economics, health care, women's rights, environment, civil rights, education, you name it.

    My personal ire for Rubio stems from his being from my state, from my having witnessed his history of bad decisions, laziness, abuse of other people's credit cards, and worse. What really bothered me was how desperate the media elites - not just the obvious Far Right Fox Not News crowd but the self-proclaimed centrists - were quick to anoint him as the Savior of the GOP when he hadn't even DONE anything (even as far back as 2011). All because they were so desperate to find "their own Obama" someone young and charismatic as though that was all that mattered. Obama won because he was sincere and effective on the issues, people. Rubio is neither.


    1. Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. You were a busy spammer yesterday, weren't you? This one is just relevant enough that I'll let it stay.