Thursday, March 24, 2016

My blog shares a birthday with Twitter, which turned 10 Monday

Yesterday, I found out that March 21st is not just this blog's birthday as well as Nowruz (Persian New Year), it's also Twitter's birthday.  Wired reported Monday On Its 10th Birthday, a Short History of Twitter in Tweets.

As it enters its awkward pre-teen years, the company that invented fame in 140 characters has had a tough run recently. It lost its longtime CEO Dick Costolo, who was replaced by co-founder and formerly ousted CEO turned new CEO-slash-savior Jack Dorsey. Yes, people use Twitter (more than 300 million of them), and yes, Twitter brings in money (more than $500 million each quarter), but its stock plummeted to an all-time low this year as Wall Street worried over its slowing user growth.

People rightfully complain that the platform can be a hotbed for hostility. It also offers a loudspeaker for the disenfranchised, but swarms of voices also silence through harassment. It’s a company, it’s a platform, and it’s the world’s biggest cocktail party. That means sometimes it’s a mess.

But for all its problems, Twitter is everywhere. It’s the place where the world talks to itself, often sharing and even making news in the process. Twitter has become a powerful force, but it wasn’t always that way.

It all begins with a tweet from Jack Dorsey himself.
That tweet was sent out March 21, 2006.  Surf on over to read the tweets Wired thought were significant in a timeline.  For a different selection, watch CTV's Twitter Turns 10: A look at the network's defining moments.

Digital Public Affairs Strategist Mark Blevis explains why Twitter will continue to be relevant, despite its stalling growth.
A belated Happy 10th birthday to Twitter!  From now on, I promise to remember the service's birthday when I celebrate my blog's.


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