Wednesday, October 11, 2017

'The End of AIDS?' wins Outstanding Science, Medical and Environmental Report

I plan on returning with the winner of Outstanding Science, Medical and Environmental Report tomorrow and "Body Team 12" and other science, health, and environment winners the rest of the week.  Stay tuned.
That was the program note I used to conclude Three winners about space from the News and Documentary Emmy Awards.  It's time to reward my readers for their patience.

I was rooting for "Vanishing: The Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction" from CNN Digital to win.  It didn't, but I wasn't disappointed as all the nominees were worthy, including "The End of AIDS?" from PBS NewsHour.  Watch Byron Pitts present the award for Outstanding Science, Medical and Environmental Report.

This is good news, even if it only means keeping the pandemic under control and saving lives.  That's not all.  PBS NewsHour has a playlist with all six segments, but YouTube user Jason Kane has compiled all of them plus the promo I was looking for but couldn't find into PBS NewsHour -- End of AIDS -- Full Series.

Congratulations to PBS NewsHour and to the researchers and public health professionals the show profiled.

Next up, Ebola and "Body Team 12."


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