Friday, November 16, 2018

'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' takes on the Florida recount

I may be done with Michigan's election results, but I'm not done with the election.   Neither is "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah."  Watch Florida's Midterm Election Drama

Between incompetent election officials, poorly designed ballots and outdated machinery, it’s no wonder the Florida recount is a huge mess.
Good lord, what's with Florida and recounts made worse by incompetence, partisanship, and poor technical support?  Don't answer; it's one of my rare rhetorical questions.

The recount drama is not over, as Fox 47 reports Hand recount underway in Florida US Senate race.

A machine recount that ended Thursday showed Republican Gov. Rick Scott narrowly leading.
I expect Rick Scott will eventually win.  In the meantime, I anticipate more bizarre news out of Florida.  That's normal.  I wrote six years ago  "this is Florida, which is known for the crazy news it produces.  As an expatriate Californian, I'm perversely glad that it had the insane reputation that it does; it makes California, especially southern California, look good."  I'd say "Florida, stay crazy" except that this is one of those cases where The Sunshine State is causing trouble for the rest of us and not just being entertainingly weird.

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