Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Liberal Party retains power in Canada

While I've been following the Democratic candidates for next year's primaries, Canada has been in the middle of its own election campaign.  That concluded last night with federal parliamentary elections.  CNN reported on the result in Trudeau's Liberal Party wins Canada's general election.

Election results show Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party will return to power, but as a minority government after Canada's general election, according to CBC News and CTV News. CNN's Paula Newton reports from Montreal.
I'm glad to hear that climate change helped Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party remain in power.  I wish that was the case in the U.S.

CNN took an international view of the election.  For one from inside Canada, watch The 2019 federal election in six minutes from Global News.

Canadians have elected a Liberal minority government.

The Liberals, led by Justin Trudeau, will head back to parliament for a second consecutive term as the governing party, although they’ll need to negotiate support from at least one other party in order to pass any legislation while they are in office.
Some of that is as wild as anything I've seen in a U.S. election.  Driving the campaign bus onstage?  That's a new one on me!  Also, I'm a lot more impressed by the minor party leaders in Canada than I am by their U.S. counterparts.  Maybe that's because they actually win seats and have to participate in governing instead of just playing the roles of protest candidates and spoilers.

I conclude by wishing Trudeau good luck.  I'm rooting for him and his party's agenda to succeed north of the border.

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