Friday, November 8, 2019

'2020: Race to Save the Planet' features nine candidates on climate change

Last night, The Weather Channel aired "2020: Race to Save the Planet," which examined how nine current and former candidates for the Democratic and Republican nominations for President see the problems and possible solutions regarding climate change.  Here is the list of candidates from Deadline Hollywood.
Viewers will hear from Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke, Senator Cory Booker, former Congressman Joe Walsh, former Governor Bill Weld and former Governor Mark Sanford about how climate change is impacting jobs, the economy, national security, extreme weather, and more.

Dr. Rick Knabb, former director of the National Hurricane Center and the network’s on-air hurricane expert, hosts the program and conducted the majority of the interviews. Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams, co-host of AMHQ, also conducted interviews.
Since that article was published on October 21, Beto O'Rourke dropped out, so it's no surprise that the 30 second promo spot, 2020: Race to Save the Planet, does not mention him.

On November 7th, The Weather Channel will air our new special, 2020: Race to Save the Planet.
After the special aired, The Weather Channel posted four clips from the show to its YouTube channel.  Follow over the jump to watch them.

The Weather Channel uploaded 2020: Race to Save the Planet | What Keeps These Candidates up at Night first.  Watch Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Mark Sanford, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Weld, and Kamala Harris describe what worries them about climate change and our current state of inaction.

Presidential candidates describe what keeps them up at night.
In 2020: Race to Save the Planet | Candidates on Climate Solutions Sanford and Cory Booker describe their competing ideas for producing energy while fighting climate change.  Sanford promotes nuclear energy, while Booker is bullish on renewables.

Presidential candidates give their views on climate solutions.
Democrats dominate 2020: Race to Save the Planet | Candidates on Environmental Injustice, as Sanders, Booker, Harris, and Warren the unequal impacts of climate change disproportionately hitting the poor and minorities and what to do about it.

Presidential candidates give their views on environmental injustice.
In the last clip, 2020: Race to Save the Planet | Candidates on Infrastructure features Buttigieg, Sanford, Warren, and Weld talking about how to build for climate change with Weld pointing out that people will have to move away from the current coasts to the future ones, as building walls to keep out rising seas is a losing game in the long run.

Presidential candidates give their views on infrastructure.
Everyone except O'Rourke, who is no longer running, and Joe Walsh got at least one appearance, while Warren appeared in every clip.

In summary, he show looks interesting and informative.  I hope it earns The Weather Channel at least one News and Documentary Emmy Award nomination next year.  Fortunately for viewers who missed it last night, the special will air again Saturday at 3 P.M. EST and Sunday at 1 P.M. EST.  I hope my readers who have The Weather Channel catch it then.