Thursday, September 3, 2020

Trevor Noah recounts 'The Great USPS War'

The most read entry last month was WOOD-TV finds dismantled mail sorting machines in Michigan and Governor Whitmer and Senator Peters react on MSNBC, which earned 1215 page views. That means the best way I can celebrate Throwback Thursday is to blog about the Post Office. Fortunately, "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" uploaded the perfect video on Tuesday for today's post, The Great USPS War, "A brief history of The Great USPS War, from the beginning."

The only angle that Trevor Noah and his writers underplayed was privatizing the mail service, which Seth Meyers examined in his closer looks at the assault on the USPS. I recommend my readers who haven't yet read that entry and watched the videos do so to get that part of the story. Otherwise, this clip serves as a good example of why "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" earned five Emmy nominations — Outstanding Variety Talk Series, Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series, Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series, Outstanding Picture Editing for Variety Programming, and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Variety Series or Special — six counting "Between the Scenes" for Outstanding Short Form Nonfiction or Reality Series. Just as a reminder, here are all the nominations in one image.

Finally, this clip is a fundraiser for Common Cause, one of Coffee Party USA's partners, who has filed suit to protect the USPS. Since this clip was posted, it has raised $16,295 for the organization. Hmm. The Coffee Party has a YouTube channel; maybe we should make our videos into fundraisers. I'm a director of the organization; I think I'll suggest this to my fellow directors.

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