Monday, September 7, 2020

ABC News and WXYZ explain pandemic risks and safety on Labor Day

I concluded 'Watchmen' and 'Unbelievable' lead nominees about politics and government at the 2020 Television Critics Association Awards by telling my readers to "Stay tuned for a celebration of Labor Day." I was thinking of another history video, but I realized I could do that any Labor Day. Instead, I want to show how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people's observance of the holiday.

I begin with ABC News reporting Labor Day weekend could be make-or-break moment in fight against COVID-19.

Doctors say bars and barbecues pose the greatest risk of transmitting the virus during the holiday weekend.
While the network's national news was scaring its viewers, local ABC affiliate WXYZ in Detroit passed along helpful tips to stay healthy in Celebrating Labor Day safely.

All of that sounds like useful advice. I hope any of my viewers going to or hosting a small outdoor gathering take it. My wife and I won't have to. We're just celebrating at home as a couple with no friends or family. Here's to a happy and healthy Labor Day!

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