Friday, August 9, 2019

Andrew Yang talks about robot bartenders as an example of automation coming for our jobs

The same day Andrew Yang qualified for the September debate, he appeared on Tipsy Bartender, where Skyy interviewed him about automation and universal basic income.  Watch Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang on Robot Bartenders.

Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang stops by to try Giant's Milk, and to talk about bartenders being automated away!
I clicked on this video just because I was curious and thought it would be a novelty.  I ended up watching all of it in one sitting.  As frivolous as Skyy can be, for example, making cocktails for Trump and "Deez Nuts" four years ago, he can surprise me occasionally, such as when he recommended "Blackfish" five years ago.  This is one of those times, where he displayed more seriousness and depth than I can recall seeing from him since I discovered his channel six years ago.  As for Yang, he handled himself very well in a situation where he could have been the butt of Skyy's jokes, elevating Skyy to his level instead of coming down to Skyy's.  Congratulations!

By the way, robot bartenders have been in Las Vegas for two years now.  The Las Vegas Sun showed one of them at work in Tipsy Robot Bar Las Vegas.

One of the two robots at the Tipsy Robot bar inside of the Planet Hollywood makes a gin and tonic. The bar is the first of its kind in the U.S.
Lots of commenters at the video thought the bartender was too slow, but the bar said the robots can handle 120 drinks an hour, two per minute.  That's fast enough.  Welcome to science fiction times, AKA SciFi is Now.

Of course, Skyy can't have a video without a drink, so he made one specially for Yang, who is a Game of Thrones fan, Giant's Milk.
Godiva White Chocolate
Rum Chata
I like that a lot better than the Old Fashioned as Yang's drink for the Democratic debates, so I'm recommending it for him from now on.

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