Monday, September 2, 2019

History Channel on the history of Labor Day

Happy Labor Day from metro Detroit!  Last year, I shared TED-Ed on the history of Labor Day.  This year, I recycle the theme with History Channel's History of the Holidays: Labor Day.

While you take your three day weekend, remember those who struggled to get Friday and Saturday off.
One of the points the video impressed on me was the Canadian origin of our Labor Day.  Thanksgiving isn't alone in originally being a Canadian holiday.

As my regular readers know, I like to celebrate my holidays with a drink.  For this year's celebration, I'm going deep into KCRA in Sacramento's archives for Star-Spangled Drinks For Labor Day.

Mackenzie Spurlock from Sofia Restaurant shares these Labor Day-themed cocktails.
Yum.  That first drink would also work for 4th of July.

Enjoy your Labor Day!  It's back to school tomorrow for many of us.

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